What is the Taste of Yeshiva Experience?

A series of text based lectures and discussions, running concurrent to the traditional Shabbaton workshops and lectures.

This “Taste of Yeshiva” will include text-based sessions, Chavrutah-style one-on-one learning and in-depth lectures taught by master teachers from renowned Jewish Institutes of Higher Learning.

Who is this for?

The Taste of Yeshiva Experience at the Shabbaton is for a student that would like to gain a greater appreciation of Judaism based on peer to peer discussion and text based study. All sessions will be led by  world class teachers and scholars.

The structure of the hour long sessions will follow a two part set up.  Each session will consist of a Chavrutah segment in which students will pair up with with fellow students and young Rabbinical students to read and discuss the texts. This will be followed by a presenter/lecturer giving a class to further explain the text and bring it to life with practical applications.

Will I be separated from my Rabbi or Group?

No, the Taste of Yeshiva Experience is uniquely designed to allow all student groups to remain together at all times. Only during “breakout sessions” where students decide on their own which sessions to attend, will the Experience students go to the designated rooms for their session.

Is advanced background in Jewish education required?

No, the program is geared towards students with little to no formal Jewish education. All texts will be available in both Hebrew and English.  Your current mindset is what is important, not your prior history. Students who do have some experience with exploring a Torah text will also tremendously enjoy these sessions.

Where will it take place?

The Taste of Yeshiva Experience runs alongside the traditional NYC Shabbaton and takes place at the same location.