Can you find a #NYjew? A look alike? Some Kosher food? New York City is filled with treasures. Make sure you don’t miss those whilst exploring the big apple. Anyone can get in the game! Just complete 1 of 7  challenges and make sure to post your selfie to the #NYCshabbaton facebook event  BEFORE 5:00 PM Friday with the correct hashtags.

Post your selfie for a chance to win a $200 Visa gift card.




Choose one or more of the following challenges: Take your selfie and post to the #NYCshabbaton Facebook Event page. Make sure to post with the correct Hashtag!

  1. Selfie with a NYC jew, you have given your hakhel card to #hakhel #techfree24 #NYCshabbaton
  2. Selfie with a creative Star of David #jewrepresent #NYCshabbaton
  3. Selfie with your closest doppleganger (must be a stranger) #brothers #NYCshabbaton
  4. Selfie with  the I <3 NY symbol #NYCshabbaton #jewishpride
  5. Selfie with a Kosher product #meatvsmilk #NYCshabbaton
  6. Group selfie with your Jewish friends – as many as you can #jewishpride #NYCshabbaton
  7. Selfie with someone doing an act of kindness #mitzvahselfie #NYCshabbaton