As part of the world’s largest Pegisha, you’ll network, connect, and vibe in New York’s most exciting borough.


Kick back and hang out with hundreds of young adults.

Talk about life, love, and your future.

Unique, graduate-level workshops

Meet and greet at wine o’clock. We’ll craft the cocktails while you craft the conversations.



Important Note:

  • To join, you must choose the Pegisha+ option on the registration form.
  • Limited to students 21 and over (ID required at check-in).


Challenge your beliefs, thoughts, and ideas. (In a good way).


Full-time students 21 or older.


Opportunity, growth, connection.

While it packs the same energy and action of Pegisha, the Pegisha+ track was developed specifically for graduate and undergraduate students 21 and over. It features multiple unique events and opportunities that provide a little somethin somethin geared towards the real world that awaits you after school!

Programs include:

  • Networking and meeting members of the tribe. (Connections, connections, connections).
  • Business and relationship discussions. (Grow, grow, grow).
  • Workshops for pre-law and pre-med students from some of the best in the biz. (Practice, practice, practice).





Pegisha+ is a project of Graduate Chabad, a division of Chabad on Campus International.