Dina & Yitzi 1

Dina Hurwitz is the proud, loving wife of ALS stricken Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz. Through this unexpected journey, Dina has given hope to thousands, as she shares lessons from heartbreaking experiences & hardships, to hope. Dina gives voice to those who face adversity every day, who think they can’t survive it. 


Rabbi YY Jacobson is one of the most sought after speakers in the Jewish world today and a mentor to many thousands across the globe. He has traveled to hundreds of communities in six continents, educating and inspiring people of all backgrounds with the depth of Torah and Judaism. Rabbi Jacobson was the first Rabbi ever to be invited by the Pentagon to deliver the religious keynote to the US Military Chief of Chaplains and to the National Security Agency. 


Doron Kornbluth is a bestselling author of many books, including Why Be Jewish? and Why Marry Jewish? He is a sought after presenter who has traveled to hundreds of locations worldwide including dozens of Chabad Houses. Mr. Kornbluth lives with his family in Israel, where he also serves as a licensed tour guide for families and groups.


Miriam Lipskier is the co-founder and director of the Chabad Student Center at Emory University. Together with her husband and eight children, they have created a vibrant community of Jewish life and learning, hosting Shabbat dinner for hundreds of students each week. She is a teacher of Jewish thought and spirituality and lectures around the country.


Myron Sugerman is an authentic Jewish gangster. Meet master storyteller, Myron Sugerman. Hear about his connected life with the mob, the shocking story of the mob’s impact on the American Nazi Party in the 1930’s and weapons supplied during Israel’s fight for independence. Sugerman is author of “The Chronicles of The Last Jewish Gangster, from Meyer to Myron,” a great story of Jewish heroism, pride and patriotism from the perspective of the last Jewish gangster.


Freidy Yanover was born in Brooklyn, NY but has lived in Johannesburg, South Africa and now resides in Jerusalem, with her wonderful family.  For many years she has been coaching, mentoring, and lecturing worldwide and is currently the Dean of Student Affairs at the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies. She is a brilliantly stimulating and dynamic speaker. Well known internationally for her ability to explain lofty spiritual concepts to both the beginner and advanced student. Her topics range from Kabbalah to issues dealing with communication and relationships.